Your heating and cooling equipment is like your body and your ductwork is like your respiratory system: they work as a team so it is important they have the proper design with matched capacities. Most duct systems are undersized (too little ductwork), very leaky (the ductwork is not sealed) and poorly installed (ductwork crushed and kinked). However, the Comfort Control team does things a lot bit different than the average contractor. We design and build custom duct systems for superior comfort and equipment longevity. Our ductwork is designed according to the Manual D ductwork design. We seal all of our ductwork from each connection point to all boots and registers. In addition we install dampers and provide a test and balance on all new duct systems. Depending on the application, we install custom hard pipe with flexible duct connectors and/or all hard pipe or all flexible pipe systems. We have flow hoods that measure airflow digitally so we are not guessing if you have the proper amount of ductwork.